Premium Forged Racing Wheels: Perfect Fusion of High-Performance and Luxury.

Discover the best in motorsport with LOMA's premium forged racing wheels. Redefine speed and performance with our cutting-edge designs and unrivaled quality. Experience the LOMA difference today.

Why Choose LOMA's Forged Racing Wheels?

LOMA's forged racing wheels aren't just about sleek design and high-quality materials – they're about proven performance and a track record of success. Our wheels have won the prestigious American Racing competition in Sebring and triumphed at the 24H race on the Nürburgring. With over two decades of international racing experience, we bring unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship to each set of wheels we produce. Choosing LOMA's forged racing wheels means choosing a legacy of excellence and a commitment to superior performance."

The Science Behind LOMA's Unmatched Wheel Performance.

At LOMA, we're not just following industry trends – we're defining them. We've revolutionized the wheel industry time and again, and our latest innovation is no exception: AI Performance optimized custom forged American racing wheels.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we've been able to analyze countless variables and performance metrics, enabling us to craft wheels that are optimized for maximum performance, durability, and efficiency.

But we didn't stop at the analysis. We use this AI-driven data in the creation of our custom forged wheels, resulting in products that aren't just based on industry standards, but are ahead of them. We're not waiting for the future of racing wheels – we're creating it today with each set of LOMA wheels.

Experience Next-Level Motorsport with LOMA Forged™

When it comes to the pinnacle of motorsport performance, hundreds of racing teams worldwide make the same choice: American racing wheels by LOMA Forged™. Our racing wheels aren't just products; they're performance partners, designed to help you push the limits on the track and outperform the competition.

Each set of LOMA wheels represents our commitment to quality, performance, and relentless innovation. Engineered for optimal performance and crafted from the finest materials, our wheels are more than just equipment - they're a testament to our passion for speed and a dedication to craftsmanship.

With LOMA Forged™, you don't just experience motorsport. You experience motorsport transformed

What Sets LOMA's Performance Wheels Apart?

What distinguishes LOMA's performance wheels from the rest? It's not just about making a guess; it's about having proven knowledge of what it takes to win a race - knowledge we've gained from years of victories on the world's most challenging circuits.

Our wheels are designed and built based on our extensive racing experience. Each design decision, each material choice, is informed by data and insights gathered from countless laps, wins, and podium finishes. This rigorous approach to wheel design and manufacturing translates into unmatched performance - not just on the track, but on everyday roads.

With LOMA's performance wheels, you're not just driving; you're experiencing the thrill of race-proven performance every time you hit the road.