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Original Ferrari Carbon
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Improved Aero Performance

Ferrari Portofino Body Kit.

Transform your Portofino with the LOMA LP740 Body Kit: A fusion of masculine elegance and aerodynamic design, crafted to make your vehicle look as fast as it feels, even without engine tuning.


"Experience the zenith of driving passion with our exclusive carbon fiber body kit for the Ferrari Portofino. Meticulously crafted to elevate performance to new heights, this kit embodies a seamless fusion of innovation and heritage. Every line and curve is designed with precision, enhancing the Portofino's aerodynamics and speed, while maintaining the essence of its iconic design. The use of premium carbon fiber not only asserts a statement of luxury but also ensures unmatched durability and lightness, redefining the standards of high-performance driving. In the cockpit, every second is transformed into a thrilling, emotive journey, connecting driver and machine. This body kit isn't just an upgrade; it's a celebration of speed, engineering excellence, and the pure exhilaration of the drive."

Ferrari Portofino LP740 Aero Front Lip Spoiler

SKU: FP-LP-0255-73



Ferrari Portofino LP740 Aero Side Blades

SKU: FP-LP-0255-74



Ferrari Portofino LP740 Aero Rear Diffuser

SKU: FP-LP-0255-75



Ferrari Portofino LP740 GTC LeMans Spirit Forged Rims

SKU: FP-LP-0255-76

$8,985.00 - (21"/21")

$9,560.00 - (21"/22")