Revolutionizing Luxury Custom Wheels with AI Performance Optimization — LOMA Forged™.

US Mag Wheels & Forged Rims Pioneer: Unleashing Superior Custom Offsets with AI-Optimized Custom Wheels, 3 Piece & Deep Dish Options.

LOMA Forged™, with an unparalleled 18 years of motorsport performance, brings luxury to new heights with meticulously crafted US Mag Wheels and Forged Rims. Our distinctive 24-inch AI-Optimized Custom Wheels, including the elegant 3 Piece and Deep Dish Wheels, retain factory comfort in SUVs and sedans, while reducing unsprung mass for unrivaled precision in sports cars. With a robust range of Custom Offsets, we're revolutionizing the world of performance wheels in the US.

We're not waiting for the future, we're crafting it. Uncover Your Unique Advantages and Benefits with LOMA Forged™.

We're not waiting for the future, we're crafting it. Uncover Your Unique Advantages and Benefits with LOMA Forged™

Experience up to 92.3% Reduced Drag with our groundbreaking AI Performance-Optimized US Mag Wheels and Custom Wheels, the epitome of our 20 years of experience in real-world racing. Enjoy the perfect fusion of high-performance and luxury with our Forged Rims, meticulously crafted for an unmatched driving experience. Our 3 Piece Wheels and Deep Dish Wheels are the perfect match for esteemed brands like Aston Martin, Audi RS, Bentley, BMW M, Bugatti, and more, setting a new standard in the forged alloy wheel industry.

Crafted with precision in the USA, France & Dubai, our 1-piece and 3-piece wheels combine the robustness of forged alloy technology with a timeless sense of elegance. Whether you prefer our custom alloy wheels, US Mag Wheels, or our signature floating Deep Dish Wheels with Custom Offsets, you're investing in unparalleled quality and bespoke design.

LOMA Forged™ takes pride in offering an exceptional variety of Deep Dish Wheels and staggered rims, embodying the ideal fusion of function and aesthetics. Venture into the world of perfect Custom Wheels and Forged Rims that enhance not just your vehicle's appearance but also its performance.

At LOMA Forged™, we're not just anticipating the future of elegant wheels; we're shaping it, one luxury wheel at a time. With an extensive selection of Custom Offsets, we’re leading the pack in optimizing the future of wheel design.

C6 Corvette Widebody kits.

C6 Corvette Widebody Kit.

Introducing the Carbon Fiber LOMA GT2 C6 Widebody Kit – the epitome of widebody excellence in the industry. Notably, you can easily install this masterpiece in your own garage, setting it apart as a unique offering. What sets us apart even further is our exclusive safe payment option through PayPal, a first in the industry.

Tailored for the base C6, Grand Sport, Convertible, Z06, and ZR1 models, the LOMA GT2 Widebody Kit promises a dramatic transformation of your Corvette into a true powerhouse. What’s more, you can revert to the original configuration whenever you desire.

Unleash heightened acceleration, masterful cornering, and an overall WOW factor that's unparalleled.

Experience the GT2 difference today. Accelerate Better. Corner Better. WOW Better!

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