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LOMA Forged™ | est 2008

Ferrari 488 21" Custom Wheels | GTO PrimoVeloce LOMA Forged™

Ferrari 488 21" Custom Wheels | GTO PrimoVeloce LOMA Forged™

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Sergio Lavazza
Ferrari GTO Rims

Hi LOMA, received the GTO rims 1 hour ago and unboxed them. I can find the Ferrari center caps! If shipped separately please send me the tracking number via email. Other than that, the wheels look amazing and driving them in my RS6 now to mount the tires on it. Great Job!

Dear Sergio,

We are gratified to receive your commendation and to learn of your satisfaction with the GTO rims tailored for your Ferrari. It is our pleasure to contribute to the splendor of your automotive experience.

Please be advised that the Ferrari center caps have been dispatched with the utmost care in a dedicated package. A dispatch notice containing the tracking details has been curated for your attention and dispatched to your email.

We take great pride in knowing that our craftsmanship has met with your discerning taste and that your Ferrari is currently in the process of facilitating the final fitting. Your satisfaction is the very essence of our commitment to excellence.

Best regards,

LOMA Forged™
Customer Service

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Ferrari 488 (2015 — 2019) 21" GTC LeMans Spirit Custom Rims | LOMA Forged™

The GTO PrimoVeloce for the Ferrari 488 are a testament to personalization, where luxury meets the road in a perfect union.

In the realm of the Ferrari 488, the GTO PrimoVeloce LOMA Forged wheels stand as the zenith of wheel design. Here, every drive is transformed into an experience that's unrivaled, every moment behind the wheel an encounter with the extraordinary.

We don't wait for the future — we shape it.

In the echelons of automotive engineering, the Ferrari 488 emerges as a symphony of speed and style. Complementing this masterpiece, the GTO PrimoVeloce LOMA Forged unveils a suite of 21" custom wheels, each a beacon of our unparalleled forging prowess.

Forged Rims: Unyielding Precision.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our forged rims are the embodiment of performance. They are the foundation of a drive that's both thrilling and precise, enhancing the 488's capabilities with a construction that's as robust as it is elegant.

Custom Wheels: Tailored Exclusivity.

Our custom wheels are not mere fittings; they are individual statements of style, each reflecting the driver's persona. The GTO PrimoVeloce wheels for the Ferrari 488 are a testament to personalization, where luxury meets the road in a perfect union.

3 Piece Wheels: Modular Mastery.

The 3 piece wheels architecture offers a sophisticated approach to customization. It allows for individual expression through a variety of finishes, marrying the legacy of the track with the innovation of modern design.

Deep Dish Wheels: A Bold Statement.

With deep dish wheels, the Ferrari 488's stance is broadened, asserting a presence that's both aggressive and refined. These wheels don't just fill the arches; they captivate the onlooker's gaze, leaving a lasting impression of awe.

Custom Offsets: The Apex of Fitment.

Precision is paramount, and our custom offsets ensure that the wheel fitment is as flawless as the engineering behind the 488 itself. Designed to enhance the vehicle's aerodynamics and aesthetics, our offsets are a hallmark of bespoke engineering.

In the realm of the Ferrari 488, the GTO PrimoVeloce LOMA Forged wheels stand as the zenith of wheel design. Here, every drive is transformed into an experience that's unrivaled, every moment behind the wheel an encounter with the extraordinary.

At LOMA, we're not just shaping the future. We're driving it.

Ferrari 488 GTB/GTC Wheels Sizes.

Front: 20×9,5J fits 235/35 R20 Pirelli
Rear: 21×12,0J fits 325/25 ZR21 Pirelli

Center Cap: Comes forged with LOMA or Ferrari Logo

*LOMA Forged™ rims are made from European Forged Aerospace material and come with a lifetime warranty on the structure, even if the vehicle is raced.

At LOMA, we're not just shaping the future. We're driving it.

Ferrari 488 GTB Forged Wheels sizes:

  • Front: 20" H2 x 9,5J ET+35 fits 235/35/20 tires
  • Rear: 21" H2 x 12,0J ET+42 fits 325/25/21 tires

  • Front: 21" H2 x 9,5J ET+35 fits 245/30/21 tires
  • Rear: 21" H2 x 12,0J ET+42 fits 325/25/21 tires

  • Forged Center Cap: Comes with a forged LOMA center cap or Ferrari logo.

    *LOMA Forged™ rims are made from European Forged Aerospace material and come with a lifetime warranty on the structure, even if the vehicle is raced. Contact us if you have questions.

    Inside LOMA Forged™

    Your Benefits.

    Proudly Made in the USA.

    LOMA Forged™, a luxury brand synonymous with quality, was born in the heart of Europe but blossoms on American soil.

    Founded in Germany in 2008, we embraced the deep-rooted tradition of European craftsmanship, known worldwide for its automotive technology, luxury cars, fashion, and jewelry. Our heritage is steeped in European elegance, but our vision is thoroughly American.

    Recognizing the dynamism and passion of the USA, we made the strategic decision to produce our innovative, high-performance automotive products stateside.

    Today, our range of US Mag Wheels, Forged Rims, Custom Wheels, 3 Piece Wheels, and Deep Dish Wheels are proudly made in the USA.

    However, the essence of our brand remains true to its European origins. Our dedicated team of American craftsmen, armed with superior tools and materials, infuse every LOMA Forged™ product with the same level of quality and refinement associated with prestigious European brands.

    They meticulously fashion each piece, from our exclusive Custom Offsets to our sleek, high-performance wheels, with an unwavering attention to detail.

    For over two decades, LOMA Forged™ has continued to revolutionize the industry with cutting-edge designs and materials.

    We're committed to delivering luxury items that not only enhance your vehicle's performance but also carry the legacy of European craftsmanship, reshaped and reborn in the heart of America.

    Embrace the sophistication of European design and the indomitable spirit of American manufacturing with LOMA Forged™.

    AI Performance Optimization.

    LOMA Forged™ - Pioneering a New Era of Automotive Excellence.

    Drawing on 18 years of Motorsports expertise, including grueling Sebring & Nurburgring-Nordschleife races, endurance challenges, and intense GT Car competitions, we have harnessed the power of data to propel us forward. Our advanced AI software, fueled by this wealth of information, has unlocked the ultimate fusion of two worlds:


    Unleashing Astonishing Performance Optimization: 

    Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures your sport suspension performs at its peak, delivering unrivaled stability and agility. Through meticulous calculations and precise engineering, we have achieved up to a staggering 93.6% reduction in drag. Get ready to defy the limits.


    Unparalleled Comfort Meets Striking Style: 

    Embrace the freedom to express your unique persona without compromise. Our engineering prowess guarantees that even with the statement-making 24-inch rims, your air suspension glides over any road with unmatched smoothness. Bumpy terrains are nothing but a distant memory as LOMA Forged™ wheels redefine the boundaries of comfort.

    ​Join us on this exhilarating journey as we push the boundaries of performance, innovation, and luxury. Experience the unparalleled thrill that LOMA Forged™ brings to your driving adventures.

    Product Details.

    Discover the unmatched driving experience delivered by LOMA's AI Performance Optimized Forged Rims.

    Seamlessly merging European automotive technology with US craftsmanship, we present you a collection of wheels that redefine excellence.

    Each set of our Custom Wheels is a testament to American innovation and quality.

    Painstakingly engineered in the USA, we've used AI technology to fine-tune our designs for optimal performance and durability. These aren't just wheels; they're a leap forward in automotive technology.

    Our Forged Rims aren't just about performance – they're about setting a new standard in style.

    Each rim is a work of art, meticulously crafted with care and precision. With the option for 3 Piece Wheels, you can create a unique look that is entirely your own.

    Experience the power of Deep Dish Wheels.

    Our wheels don't just look good; they're designed to handle the road with a level of grip and control that few can match. Each wheel we produce undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and durability.

    If customization is what you're after, explore our range of Custom Offsets.

    You have the power to specify the wheel's offset, allowing for a more precise fit and enhanced vehicle performance. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, we can create the perfect wheel that fits like a glove.

    Last but not least, we are proud to present our US Mag Wheels.

    Designed with a distinct aesthetic that blends classic and contemporary styles, these wheels are the perfect finishing touch for your vehicle.

    At LOMA, we're not just making wheels; we're creating an unparalleled driving experience. Discover the difference today.

    Unmatched Warranty.

    Unmatched Assurance:

    LOMA Forged™ Elevates the Benchmark in Warranty Coverage. Lifetime Structural Guarantee and a 3-Year Finish Warranty, setting a New Standard.

    Unparalleled Confidence:

    Our Exclusive Racetrack Warranty, a Testament to our Unwavering Quality. No Other Wheel Manufacturer Offers this Unmatched Level of Assurance. Trust in the Pinnacle of Excellence - LOMA Forged™ Wheels, Meticulously Crafted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Wheel Sizes & Custom Offsets.

    Experience the perfect blend of style and performance with LOMA Forged™ Custom Offsets and Wheel Sizes.

    We know that every vehicle is unique, and so should be its wheels. Our promise? A superior fit that not only enhances the aesthetics of your car but also its road handling, with guaranteed zero rubbing or other issues.

    Whether you want a more aggressive stance or optimized performance, our custom offsets can deliver just that. Engineered with meticulous precision, our wheels are tailored to align perfectly with the unique specifications of your vehicle.

    Through our expansive database of over 40,000 different offset and size combinations, we ensure a fit like no other.

    But our commitment to you doesn’t stop there. We’ve prepared our rims to take on even the harshest winter conditions. Our rigorous testing and superior craftsmanship make LOMA Forged™ wheels a trustworthy companion, no matter the season.

    Further, enhancing their appeal, our wheels come in a variety of sizes to complement the unique dimensions of your car.

    With LOMA Forged™, you can choose the size that not only suits your style but also contributes to the overall performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

    With LOMA Forged™, you aren’t just getting wheels; you’re investing in an unrivaled blend of style, performance, and durability. Elevate your driving experience today with our bespoke wheel solutions.

    Breathtaking Color Options.

    Color & Finishes:

    ❯  Liquid Beluga Black (Piano Black)

    ❯  Liquid Titanium (Formula One Silver)

    ❯  Smokey Volcano (Tinted & Brushed by Hand)

    ❯  62,000 Custom Colors available

    Design & Construction.


    ❯  1-Piece, 2-Piece or 3-Piece Aerospace Forged.

    ❯  Floating Cap or 5-Bolt Pattern.

    ❯  AI Performance optimized for an extreme smooth ride even on 24" sizes.

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    LOMA Forged™️ Introduces the World's First AI Performance Optimized Custom Alloy Wheels. Revolutionizing the Wheels Industry - AGAIN!