Collection: Cadillac Wheels | LOMA Forged™

Step into the world of LOMA Forged™, the elite hub for Cadillac connoisseurs. Our AI Performance-enhanced assortment of Cadillac wheels and rims, extending from our highly desired US Mag Wheels to the revolutionary Custom Offsets, is meticulously curated to boost the visual appeal and performance of your vehicle. Experience the LOMA Forged™ difference. 

Our custom wheels offerings cater to a wide range of Cadillac models, including:


Cadillac ATS (2013–2019)
Cadillac ATS-V (2016–2019)

Cadillac CT4 (2020-present)
Cadillac CT4-V (2020-present)

Cadillac CT5 (2020-present)
Cadillac CT5-V (2020-present)

Cadillac CT6 (2016–2021)
Cadillac CT6-V (2019–2021)

Cadillac CTS (2005–2019)
Cadillac CTS-V (2005–2019)

Cadillac DTS (2005–2011)

Cadillac ELR (2014–2016)

Cadillac Escalade (2005-present)
Cadillac Escalade ESV (2005-present)
Cadillac Escalade EXT (2005–2013)

Cadillac SRX (2005–2016)

Cadillac STS (2005–2011)

Cadillac STS-V (2006–2009)

Cadillac XLR (2005–2009)
Cadillac XLR-V (2005–2009)

Cadillac XT4 (2019-present)

Cadillac XT5 (2017-present)

Cadillac XT6 (2020-present)

Cadillac XTS (2013–2019) 


Our expertly forged rims combine endurance and elegance, while our custom wheels allow you to personalize your Cadillac effortlessly. Choose from our Deep Dish Wheels for a bold look or our 3 Piece Wheels for a traditional touch.

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