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Welcome to LOMA Forged™, the premier destination for Aston Martin owners. Our AI Performance-optimized collection of Aston Martin wheels and rims, ranging from our sought-after US Mag Wheels to the innovative Custom Offsets, is tailored to enhance both the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle.


Our custom wheels offerings cater to a wide range of Aston Martin models, including:

Aston Martin V8 Series (1972-1989)

V8 Vantage (1977-1989)
V8 Volante (1978-1989)
V8 Zagato (1986-1990)

Aston Martin Virage Series (1989-2000)

Virage/Virage Volante (1989-1995)
V8 Vantage (1993-2000)
V8 Coupe/V8 Volante (1996-2000)

Aston Martin DB7 Series (1994-2004)

DB7 (1994-1999)
DB7 Vantage (1999-2004)
DB7 Zagato/DB AR1 (2003-2004)

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Series (2001-2007)

V12 Vanquish (2001-2005)
V12 Vanquish S (2004-2007)

Aston Martin DB9 Series (2004-2016)

DB9 (2004-2016)
DBS V12 (2007-2012)

Aston Martin Vantage Series (2005-present)

V8 Vantage (2005-present)
V12 Vantage (2009-present)

Aston Martin Rapide Series (2010-present)

Rapide (2010-2013)
Rapide S (2013-present)

Aston Martin Virage Series (2011-2012)

Virage/Virage Volante (2011-2012)

Aston Martin Vanquish Series (2012-2018)

Vanquish (2012-2018)
Aston Martin DB11 Series (2016-present)

DB11 (2016-present)

Aston Martin DBS Series (2018-present)

DBS Superleggera (2018-present)

Aston Martin Vantage Series (2018-present)

Vantage (2018-present)

Aston Martin DBX (2020-present)

DBX (2020-present)

Aston Martin Valhalla (2023-present)

Valhalla (2023-present)


Our expertly forged rims combine endurance and elegance, while our custom wheels allow you to personalize your Aston Martin effortlessly. Choose from our Deep Dish Wheels for a bold look or our 3 Piece Wheels for a traditional touch.

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